‘I’ve got no time to blog’ – The biggest lie I tell myself.

With the small bit of time I found, I attended the SG Founders Meetup held at Nitrous.IO‘s mountain view office. At the meetup, you basically get to meet Singaporeans who are working in the valley or have companies that they started in the valley. Best part of it? Singaporean Food! The roti prata and hokkien mee brought back many familiar flavors to my Americanized taste buds. 

In this post, I want to write about Nitrous.IO which is a cloud based IDE for programmers to work and collaborate on. I first found out about them back in Singapore while I was having so much trouble trying to set up the Rails environment on my laptop. On Nitrous.IO, you basically get to create a ‘box’ which comes shipped with the development environments of your choice. Currently, the available environments are Ruby on Rails, Node.js, django and Go. The thing that initially got me interested was the ability to code on any computer regardless of its hardware. With each box, you can add either more Memory or Storage depending on your requirements.


While trying it out, I realized that Nitrous.IO is great for hackathons where collaboration is made easier since everyone can just access the code without having to worry about setting up the environment. Pair programming is another feature that comes shipped with Nitrous.IO, think Google docs for programming. The best feature in my opinion is the ‘live’ local host which basically makes your application available to everyone without hosting it. I personally find it extremely useful because I can now show live demos without going through the trouble of pushing code up or having to share my screen with someone.


O and I forgot to mention, Nitrous.IO was started in Singapore 🙂

Black Friday is just round the corner, time to create my shopping list and enjoy the great deals!